The mobile gaming industry is growing day by day, and the developers are now more concerned about mobile gaming platforms. Rather than focusing on other gaming platforms, the developers are now putting efforts on mobile gaming. One of the popular game on mobile gaming World of tanks blitz is now top-grossing game on the mobiles. Both Android and iOS are supporting this high dynamics graphic game easily. Now the game has huge registered users worldwide, and they are growing every day.

Facts to know about the game-

Players are allowed to play with their friends in the game. The game has a very strong and diversified community worldwide, and any player can connect with anyone whenever they want. Some of the players love to play with friends and challenge to compete with each other. It is a shooting game, so playing with friends is a lot more entertaining and fun.

In the game, there are many types of maps available. Players can play on any location they want and enjoy or get to know about that particular location. Every map required a different type of strategy, and it is hard for some beginners to explore about it. Experienced players are always up to date about every location and make their strategies.

World of tanks blitz has more than two hundred tanks and their weapon in the game. Every weapon is rare and unique in their category therefore, players always excited to unlock more stuff.

Gold is the main currency in the game. With the help of this currency, players can buy tanks, weapons and also can customize the tanks. There are several levels of customizing to every tank, and is sometimes quite difficult when a part of the tank is expensive.