What is red road music


Redroad FM is a community radio station that streams on the internet and will be broadcasting on FM twice in 2007.  We aim to create radio opportunities for everyone to get involved in.


Redroad FM is part of Redroad Music which also offers different uses of the arts to young people and the wider community.  These opportunities and training include DJ Industry Techniques, Band Development Programmes, Music Technology, Dance and Drama.

Redroad 87.7 FM


Redroad 87.7 successfully broadcasted on FM over 28 days throughout March 2007!  The station included a diverse range of shows with a real community feel.  Here are some examples of shows which featured over the broadcast.  This is just a flavour of the local talent that got involved.

Turn the Air Green – This was an environmental show hosted by James Smith from the Forestry Commission.

Youth Focus – This slot included several different school and youth groups who focussed on issues relevant to young people and the Governments ‘Every Child Matters’ aims.  One group of young women worked over nine weeks to create a radio play around bullying.

The Local History Show – Kiveton Park and Wales History group presented interviews with ex-miners, individuals and groups from the local community along with their music requests.

The Enterprise Show  –  Hosted by Katie Sheldon.  Katie inteviewed local enterprise organisations live on air and informed listeners of enterprise opportunities in teh Rotherham area.

Granny Time –  Childrens stories including ‘Hector the Dog’ read by Sheffield author Diana Stimely.

Varied Music shows included Country and Western, Jazz, Local Bands, Rock, Folk, Dance and Reggae.

One exciting element of the broadcast was that 5 shows were presented by children and their parents!  The youngest co-presenter was only 7 years old and appeared on the ‘Streetbeat’ pop music show.  A 15 month old and 2 year old also appeared on a community information show.   Community involvement was fantastic with over 160 texts to the studio in the first week.  Internet listeners contacted us from as far as Austria!