The Hack Brawl stars are the game that is the outcome of the high expectations from the manufacturers. It has been developed with the cause of giving more sophisticated and interesting features of the game. There are distinctive 15 characters in the play that fight at different modes and level of the game modes. Each character will be having extra additional features and equipped accordingly. They will be having exclusive weapons which the player should know to use at the correct time. The tips will be very useful when it is in regards with the character specification.

The different characters

There are six brawlers that are essential for the beginners of the game to understand more keenly. 

·         Shelly is one of the characters that are in default. The character is a balanced character that has a shooting range of about HP (800). It has a long range shot gun that has a decent run. It has both normal and super attack. The super attack will be having a knock back effect.

·         Colt is the character that is equipped with long-ranged gun. It can dash out 6 bullets at a time in a rapid manner. It is one of the fragile characters in the game. The power of the gun shot is HP (600).use this character when you can attack the enemies in a linear and straight forward motion.

·          Brock is one among the characters in the play that has more power in long range attacks. He is equipped with a gun that can destroy lots of enemies from a faraway distance. At those times when there is a need of large destruction to the enemies, then this character suits well to the need. He is best used in maps that have walls and could protect the Melee attackers from approaching fast to our area. But he suffers from certain defects that he will not withstand more attacks and has lesser HP. This character suits the need when it comes to block the way of the approaching enemy.

·         Nita is one among the characters. It is a bear character that is called the Big Baby bear. It attacks all the blocks at her way but it only has short ranges. In the team play the bear character suits well at times like crushing down enemies with low HP. Her normal attack itself can go through the opponent in a massive way. It also hits multiple targets at her path of travel during the time of play.

·         EI-Primo is the character that has the power of punching heavily at the opponent and at the super his attacks are powered with more mobility. But he should not be chosen at modes like the smash and grab.

·         Bull is the character that has high HP and crushes all the blocks of his path crazily with a middle-ranged gun and fan shaped damage deal.