Subway surfer is an arcade running game developed by Kiloo. Jake is the name of the player in the game but as you play it more players will be unlocked too. Jake is a teenage boy who runs through a cop and his dog. You have to start again running if you collide with any obstacle and police will catch you instantly. There is one key which can revive Jake. Hack subway surfers is secured, and the best way to earn lots of keys.


Subway surfers is a straightforward game & there is only one objective to keep running. Your fingers may feel tired after ten or fifteen minutes, but the player will not feel any tiredness. All you need to run and collect as much as coins you can manage while running. In a simple matter, the game is so easy and enjoyable, but you don’t collect coins and power your way of running will automatically be hard.

Power-ups help in making you cover more distance and collect coins too. With the help of coins, you can unlock new players of the game and unlock new skateboards also. And who doesn’t like to customize players dress?. Jake has so many dresses, but you can unlock them by collecting coins you have. Hack subway surfers can give you unlimited coins.

However, there are three railways tracks and the player is allowed to run on any tracks as he wants.