Well, the game merge Dragons is created by gram games Limited, and its size is almost 95mb. The game is counted are you can see considered in the puzzle games, and it also offers its uses in-app purchases feature. With the help of the same feature players can easily by any type of Indian items, currency and many more things which is present in the game with spending their real-life money.

Therefore, the same feature makes the game is here as compared to before. Not only is this, but Merge Dragons also consists of lots of new and game realistic and unique from all other puzzle games. In the same post also, you are going to meet with some main features and all other basics of the game.

Five main and attractive features of merge Dragons

Mentioned below are the main or you can say that the top five features of merge Dragons that make the same game more exciting and impressive in playing –

  1. The same game includes two main types of in-game currency in it and that are gems and coins.
  2. In the same game also, there are various types of interesting and exciting task and activities present which the players need to solve in order to move to the next level.
  3. Merge Dragons is the game which provides its players with in-app purchases features so that they can get easily by anything which is present in the game with their real-life money.
  4. In it, there are several types of objectives and events present which is necessary for the individual to complete as to move far in the game.
  5. Not only is this, in merge Dragons, players easily experience high-quality graphics with better sound quality.

Therefore, these are the five main features of merge Dragons which you need to understand exactly in order to play the game properly as well as recently.


In a nutshell, Merge Dragons require more attention of the players, so gamers are you can say players need to do more focus in understanding all the basic things regarding the game when they are going to start playing it.